Raffle with Todoenrosa

Hello shells !!
Today I bring you a surprise, habemus new raffle !! this time it is thanks to Todoenrosa , you can see my opinions of your products HERE.

The draw is composed of:
- A rose water
- Cream of hands with rosa damascena oil
- Rose water moisturizer 30 ml.
- Rose water night cream 30 ml.
- White rose bar soap 11ogr.
- 65 g rose glycerin soap

- Rose soap - 8 ml white rose perfume. It is a dispenser to carry in the bag, very comfortable.

If you want to get these wonderful products the requirements are very simple:

1. Be a follower of this blog by GFC or bloglovin
2. Give "like" to the page of todoenrosa
3. Visit his page http://todoenrosa.com/es/and say what product you liked and why.
4. Share the raffle, you can do it by fb, twitter, blog entry or banner.
5. Leave a comment with your email to be able to locate you in case you are the winner.

Extra participation:
If you follow me in fb (+1)

The draw starts today and ends on 23/10 the winner will start with the coupon for the eleven day 24.

Raffle valid for All Spain

I will not verify any participation, I will only check if the winner has done all the steps well, in the event that he fails one will turn to raffle!

I leave you the template to make it easier for you
Nick follower:
Name fb:
What did you like about your website and why:
Where do you share the draw? ? (it will only be valid if you leave a link)
Are you following Truquitosparalaschicas in fb?