Pet secret monthly box September

Hello girls!
Today I show you the September PET SECRET men's box. Here you see us opening it, one that I know, every time I'm careless I'm taking something away !! we show you what this month brings:
Peluche caballito: I do not know if you remember that in another box a whistling ball was coming, or to tell you that xandy made me come back crazy !! but even though he broke it and did not whistle it was still his favorite. You can already imagine how happy he was when he picked up the horse and started whistling !!
MHIMS Chicken & Vegetable Cache; is a dog food Natural and healthy moist that is cooked with juice of its own flesh. Xandy has loved it, with how big it is surely you will think that she eats it all but that goes !! they say that the dogs end up looking like the masters and that truth is, I give disgust to eat and she could not be less. But you can see that in this box only good things come in because until now he has always liked everything.
RIGA - Chick'os Pomme , it's a chicken and tender apple treat and tasty.

Look how good it looks:

And here you have it when I was giving it to xandy, you do not notice anything that he loves ... he almost tears my hand!
I think SELECT - Mediterranean Diet; for a healthy, totally natural diet, elaborated with carefully selected ingredients that do not have dyes and superior palatability. In addition, its preservatives are 100% natural, with a mixture of antioxidant vitamins (rosemary extract, citric vitamins with Organic Origin Certificate and vitamin E).
You can also get free boxes with the Petpoints program that is very simple.
The petpoints can be obtained this easy:
- For each opinion of the products they give us 10 petpoints
- Inviting friends, for each friend give you 100 petpoints
And with only 1000 petpoints we will have our FREE box !!
This box is for both cats and dogs and its price is only € 10 a month.
What do you think about this monthly PET SECRET box? Kisses