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¡Hola Belleza !!
Today I show you my latest low cost shopping at BuyInCoins, mostly what you are going to see are things of makeup and beauty .

As always my purchase with this website very well, although I have no patience to wait and 15 days, and sometimes I despair waiting.

In the order that I have made I also buy some bags for jewelery that have not arrived but BuyInCoins has reimbursed me for the money.

Something important if in " Code discount " you put " Xenajfh "You will receive a 5% discount on all your purchases at buyincoins .

My purchases at buyincoins:

- The first of my low cost purchase were these 12 Eye Pencils for $ 1.31 a bargain, but the truth that I imagined something bigger but for the price they have are very good.

I recommend them to girls who use pencils with hard mine, if you are used to the soft, I do not think these Buyincoins eyes are for you.

- Machine to remove hairs from the nose, b> ears and sideburns (obviously not for me) but it's a good buy, my boyfriend is very happy with it. Some time ago I asked my father for one, and so far it has gone very well and he has not had any problems. Its price 3.49 $.
- Nail polish that shines in the dark and it works, although I am not able to make a photo that looks half decent. Although I pay for this enamel $ 1.55 and now it turns out that they are at $ 0.99 that rages !!
- Top bra, is pretty good. I use it to sleep, because with the normal fastenings I am not able to sleep because my hoops are stuck in me. Now the opposite happens to me it was worth 2.41 $ and now it is at 3.01 $ they put the prices as it seems ...
- 10 strips of hairline for nail art, that I did not like is that they sent me 2 yellows they could have sent me another color but for the price they have up to something to complain haha. Its price is 1.20 $ you can find in Nailart, and as its name suggests are ideal for making beautiful manicures.
- 10 Stamping Plates more? stamper is called ?? no idea! That's how the 8.99 $ pack gets a lot more cheap, although with these it's hard for me to get the drawing right, it seems that they have very little marked on the drawing.
Imitation of the tangleteezer brush, I already talk about it the other time when I buy it you can see it Mini purchase at BuyInCoins cost me $ 1.57.

And this super calculator is a gift! (irony on) I know they say that what matters is the detail, but often detail ...

I have yet to buy many more things in buyincoins, because it is a website that I love, because they have everything and their prices are very low . I'll tell you what I buy in the next ones. What do you think of my purchases in buyincoins ?

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