Electronic cigarette club (My opinion)

Hello girls and guys!
Today I wanted to tell you about the Club of the electronic cigarette , it is a website to help people who want to quit smoking They have a wide catalog of electronic cigarettes, cartridges and liquids, many flavors and intensities, they also have accessories with which you can customize your electronic cigarette.
The electronic cigarette What I have is this (what my boyfriend is wearing) the EGO-CE5 BLISTER one of the most popular electronic cigarettes. It is a combination of an eGo battery and a CE5 Claromizer.
The CE5 clearomizer is an evolution of the CE4 clearomizer, which includes most brands. It has a capacity of e-liquid up to 1.6ml, which gives this cigarette a range of up to 800 puffs without the need to recharge it with liquid. The eGo CE5 is one of the electronic cigarettes of greater capacity.

The electronic cigarette comes with a charger.

Starting from the base that my inventions miracles have never caught my attention or I've never believed them, the one who will use it is my partner. Because to prove we do not lose anything either.

My boyfriend has been using it for a few weeks and it is going well, at first he did not like it as he knew but later he got used to it, for now he gets along well even though when he takes more time I will tell you in detail.
I encourage you to try it and stop smoking, if you do not know all the consequences that smoking may have I invite you to read my post Effects of tobacco.

What do you think of electronic cigarettes? Did you know the website The club of the electronic cigarette ?