Effects of Tobacco

Hello shells !!
Today I wanted to tell you about the effects of tobacco , better said about the bad effects of tobacco.
Tobacco is composed of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, all very good for health (IRONIA ON) .
Many are those who smoke and many also those who try to leave it unsuccessful, so if you are a smoker you should know what it entails.
Some of the symptoms that a habitual smoker presents are:
- Yellow teeth
- Bronchitis seasonal
- Impotence at early ages or decreased libido.
- Asthenia: tiredness that sometimes goes away when smoking.
- Anorexia: lack of appetite may be greater.
- Unbearable smell, that's something that those who smoke among them do not realize ta. But for those of us who do not smoke, the fact that you eat a piece of gum and take half a bottle of cologne does nothing, you still smell bad.
And what is worse cancer.
50% of bladder cancers are related to tobacco and more than 85% of cases of lung cancer they are related to active smoking and 5% to passive smoking.
One question I always ask smokers is: What does smoking bring you? the answer is always to leave the branches ... because I still do not understand it. You eat a sweet and you say how good it was but a cigar ... seriously swallow smoke tastes good? I do not understand it.
In short, I encourage you from here to quit smoking Did you know the effects of tobacco ?