The cosmetics of Everything in pink

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to tell you about Todoenrosa, where you can find perfumes, feminine cosmetics and masculine, sponges, fashions for the kitchen and set for gifts at very good prices.
They are a marriage that we fell in love with Bulgaria. His little daughter was born there, and that is a little bond of union with the country. When they went to look for her, as you will imagine she was adopted, it was when they began to have contact with Bulgaria. A few years have passed since then, but they want to remain linked to this wonderful country and it is as if this
idea was born.
They are quite nonconformist and always go with new ideas, and Todo en Rosa has been born as a project of help, cooperation ... for Spain and for some way also to support in Bulgaria. In addition to cosmetics they want to introduce other items and projects they have in mind, gifts, small auxiliary furniture, ... but it takes a lot of time to get everything going.
They are also the parents of two wonderful children and this project delights and excites them for what they are convinced to take it forward.
Something that I really liked is that you send the products wrapped in pink paper, a cute gift.

And these are the products of female cosmetics that I am using :

- Perfume white rose , with a delicate fragrance of rose petals. Exquisite, delicate, unique. It's a fragrance that smells great, how little I've been able to taste it, I liked it a lot.

- Red rose perfume , is a fragrance full of sparkle and rose aromas. This I have decided not to try yet, to take it on a trip, that these tiny tubes are ideal for when we go on a weekend trip.

- Day cream with rose water DAY , for the care of young skin. The skin remains very hydrated and elastic. It is a very light cream ideal for young skin. Its price is € 4.90.

This is its texture:

- Hand cream, with Rose Damascene oil. Regenerating, nourishing and moisturizing. This cream I loved is the softest and most elastic hands. It is also moisturizing, nothing to leave dry hands and everything I have damascene pink wins me. Its smell is great as fresh and roses.

Its price is only € 3.70, a very economic cream that I recommend to all.

Without a doubt it is a cosmetic brand that I recommend, because they are charming, and they have those little details that make the difference. I am looking forward to trying out new products and telling you my impressions, because the truth is that I have been delighted with them.

What do you think of the feminine cosmetics of all? in pink ? Kisses