September contest and free samples + my talking avatar

Hello girls!

Today I'm coming with another contest round and free samples .

On the web give 190 Pantene Aqualight products simply register or login if we have already registered and follow the indications.
- Here send us a sample of nivea under the shower, simply enter our data and ready.
- Here you can also get more free samples notice that the address goes to the sample that I have asked but there are many to choose from, you just have to click on the other samples that are below -Shampoo.aspx? Upc = 10
On this page can find a lot of discounts for green bottega, clarins, kiko, zalando, asos, Paula alonso ... if you are going to make any purchase I recommend you take a look at it that you will surely find some discount.
And finally I leave you an avatar to play!
How do you like these free samples ? And the avatar?