Premium samples "Back to School"

Hello girls!
Today I show you the monthly " Premium Samples " call back to school comes full, what I like most about this box is that it combines cosmetics, personal care, home and food, all in one.
That I love, but other people may want only products of one thing, I think it is a double-edged sword .

In the first bag comes all this:

NESCAFÉ CAPPUCCINO ENVELOPES; come 10 delicious cups of a coffee with more cream and more flavor, that They provide a unique experience for you to enjoy and share. I really did not like it much, I drank one and I threw all night without sleeping, I do not know if it was this or not, but if the flies have decided not to try again.

2 products of the milkmaid that I have not yet tried, but when you do you will have a photo and my opinion, here or on facebook.

These two products do not need an oven, they are easy to prepare in just 15 minutes and absolutely delicious.

Panna cotta with strawberry sauce:

Tiramisu with amaretto liqueur flavor sauce, I think I will like this one more than the previous one.

In the second bag it comes:
Eyeliner with green camouflage applicator: Soft and creamy texture. Intense in its stroke and easy to blur with the applicator that incorporates. Colors of nature to combine with your favorite shadows andmatter the intensity of your look.
Eye liner with golden sand applicator

Extra long lip liner b> red to shine all night!

(these 3 I will show you in one entry)
Colgate max white one, removes stains and prevents the appearance of tartar to get a shade of whiter teeth in a week

And in the third box come two bottles of fresh laimon: with 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain any preservatives or additives.

Unique flavor of lemon, Sicilian limes and Moroccan mint, with a light touch of bubbles. The taste is very similar to that of the mojito, but as stronger.

This box has a price of € 15.91 per month for shipping and handling, enjoy the box Premium samples delivered directly in your house or place of choice and you can unsubscribe at any time, without any penalty.

What do you think of the monthly cash premium samples ? Kisses