Naturcosmetik, natural cosmetics

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to tell you about the Naturcosmetik women's cosmetics.
This brand has the seal of natural cosmetics BDIH controlled its products are:

- 100% silicone-free
- 100% free of parabens
- 100% free of mineral oils
- 100% free of synthetic dyes
- No testan in animals

The samples that have sent me are from naturcosmetik are: (all face creams).

Anti-age repair: is a cream with double effect, anti-wrinkle protection, repairs and protects. These samples I have not tried since I do not have wrinkles so my opinions could only be bad therefore I keep them for some draw and that some of you can take advantage of them. These are the things that I do not like, you could inform a little of what each person needs.

Argan: is an anti-wrinkle treatment for demanding skin, I say the same as with the others, I have not tried it because I do not have wrinkles and it is not an appropriate cream for my age.

Jojoba: I really wanted to try one of these , is a soothing balm treatment for sensitive skin. It smells very good and moisturizes for a long time. These samples I liked a lot.
Sunflower oil: enriched treatments for dry skin, and I'm sorry to say this but my skin is FAT! therefore, since I do not want to face my face as if a hurricane had happened to me, I have not tried it either.
Apricot: is a moisturizing treatment for natural protection. It is a cream that smells wonderful and hydrates superbly. But with the samples I can not give you a detailed review either.
My opinion of this website: the products I have tried 2 exactly are very good, I also like that they are natural, but from here I want to make a recommendation and that is to inform a little of whom they send the samples.
They asked me what I wanted to try and I told them that jojoba are the ones that have sent me the least ... if they told me that because they had no more but it is a detail ... if I am 22 years anti-wrinkle I know that they are not going to go very well, and if my skin is fat, a cream for dry skin, as well as not.
I also have to tell you that they are very kind because that's what I tell them before, because if the products are good and they also lose a lot because of find out a little ...

What do you think about naturkosmetik ? Do you like natural cosmetics ? Besitos