Eyeliner according to your eye

Hello Beauty!
The eyeliner is always in fashion and is very easy to use, so today I bring you some tricks in this > beauty and makeup blog to know that eyeliner looks better for our eyes . But do not forget to check the post Types of eyeliner , to know how many formats are in the market and which is best suited to us.

Tricks for girls to know what eyeliner to use:

For slanted eyes: in the upper part we draw a line at the beginning without enlarging or elevating it. We have to use a very thin brush and raise the corner of the eye, to have a spectacular look.

For drooping eyes: We will begin to delineate from the middle of the eye upwards . Where we begin the line will begin to be finite, and at the end the eye will be thicker.
For almond-shaped eyes: We start with a very thin line at the birth of the eye, and thicker towards the end of the eye. We will try to make the line all of the same thickness, I know that sometimes it is difficult but it is a matter of practice. And then we're going to blur the part of the lacrimal.
For round eyes: If you want the eyes to appear longer, it's as easy as painting the water line until you reach the tear so much down as well as above.This way you give a lot of depth to your eye and it is an amazing look.
Eyeliner for the ripped eyes : we will make a thin and long line of the same thickness. At the end we will make a long corner, we will have a look of the most sensual.
Eyelinerfor small eyes: with this type of eyes we have to be more careful when using the eyeliner . If you use it at the level of the upper lashes you will have tiny eyes. It is recommended to make a small line underneath, leaving the eyes slanted.
Did you know these tricks for girls ? Do you already know what your eyeliner is according to your eye ?