Diy bed for dwarf rabbits

Hello girls!
A few days ago I bought a dwarf rabbit named "Tote" and I had a problem I could not find a bed or anything that I would like for the so I got down to work, I leave a diy to make a bed for rabbits dwarfs in case you have any. Well actually if you do not have a dwarf rabbit you can also do it alone that you will have to choose the largest materials.

To make a bed for dwarf rabbits :

1. We take an old jersey, look if it is old that is from when I was a child of the famous "Fred Flintstones" I was a super fan of these drawings, what a pity that they no longer put them on television.
Apart from the sweater we also need something to fill in. I have taken two other old booties. All recycled.
2. We enter the filling inside the sweater we have chosen to break.
3. We sew the bottom part (no problem if you do not know how to sew, it is inside and out you can not see anything.)
4. We sew the two cuffs of the sweater as you see in the photo.

5. So that it does not remain bland we take another fabric and stick it or sew it in the center.

6. If we want we can also sew the neck, I have not done so because when I wash it is more practical. I take out the stuffing from the bed and dry it before.

And that's how it looks.

7. And I teach my dwarf haha ​​with his little bed he has so much hair that he does not seem to have eyes in front :-)

What do you think of this bed for dwarf rabbits? Kisses