Care of Atopic Dermatitis in Adults with Apliderm

Hello girls!

Last week I spoke to you HERE about infant atopic dermatitis and today it's your turn to the adult atopic dermatitis
As I mentioned before the adult atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease which manifests itself with injuries that cause a lot of itching, although they never become infected. Hereditary character, this condition is often associated with dry skin that is easily irritated.
It is common for family members to suffer from asthma, rhinitis, or allergies to pollen, dust ... These causes together with atopic dermatitis is called atopy .
For atopic dermatitis in adults b> I recommend using the following products, although these can be used generically without having the disease.

Products for atopic dermatitis:

Medigel bath and shower oil: is a moisturizing hygiene product, developed for the cleaning and care of sensitive and alipic skin, even in childhood and the elderly. I have been using it and it leaves the skin very hydrated. By having olive oil you make sure that your skin will not be dry.
Tersoskin hand cream: is a cream that protects, moisturizes and does not oil. I get along very well with it :-) because in addition to being very light it leaves your hands hydrated and has a pleasant smell, you know that no matter how good a product like it smells bad I can not handle it.

Something that I like it very much is absorbed very quickly, and not greasing is ideal for me, since I am the kind of people that is to put a cream and start to touch everything, I am unable to stand with my hands still.

In this image you can better appreciate the texture of the cream:

Ders acid gel: is formulated with very active surfactants soft, which allow it to be used on sensitive skin, where conventional soaps are contraindicated.
Helps to regulate the microbial flora, without altering the cutaneous pH and preserving the cutaneous barrier function, restoring the quality of the hydrolipidic acid mantle. It also contains vegetable oils and silk amino acids that restore the stratum corneum eliminating the sensation of dryness, itching and redness of the skin.
Applies on the wetted skin and when we do a massage it leaves a lot of foam so it leaves a very pleasant sensation after we remove it with lukewarm water and ready. By the way, the photos do not look good but the boat is giant.

It does not say how much this gel has, but it's sure to be more than a liter, because I'm one of the biggest cans I've seen of gels.

Ders body emulsion, is a moisturizing lotion able to restore moisture and correct desquamation states and skin xerosis. I use it after the bath applying a fine amount and it is absorbed quickly.Do you have this problem?