Regular Pedicure
Cut, trim, and shape toenails, callus remover,
lotion & massage.

Spa Pedicure                                                                        $25.75

Hot Oil Paraffin Wax Pedicure                               $35.75
Tip N Toe Nails
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                                                                                                   Full Set             Fill In
Acrylic Nails
                                              $25.75                   $15.75 Mon-Wed $20.75 Thurs-Sunday(free cut down n repair)

Solar Pink & White Nails                  $40.75                  $30.75
Permanant French Nails,
very strong and shiny, does not chip,
safe to wear in tanning beds.

Solar Pink Only                                     $20.75
Gel Nails                                                      $40.75                     $25.75
Uv gels, no chemicals,
natural and light, flexible,
great for sensitive nails.

Acrylic Removal                                    $12.75 (removal with manicure $25 clear polish)

Polished Nail Change                        $10.75 Toes                 $8.75 Hand

Regular Manicure                          $15.75

Shellac Gel Polish and Manicure                $30.75
For natural nails only, polish lasts up to 2-3 weeks
No chipping, non irritating(for clients who chose not to wear fake nails)

Gel Polish Only  (no manicure)                                    $20.75